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If you’ve ventured into the world of bulk email marketing, you know that it can be a challenge to score high open and click rates (over 20%). But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. And it doesn’t mean that your prospects aren’t paying attention. Even without clicks, you are still building a reputation in the minds of your recipients. By combining accuracy with appeal, you can avoid automatic deletes, keep prospects open to your brand, and find your click rates rising. Here are some email writing best practices to help with marketing. 

Email Marketing Basics

Writing great marketing emails is about creating as seamless an experience as possible between online and in-person engagement, which means getting brand and messaging consistent, connecting genuinely to clients and their needs, and excellent execution. Even though everyone’s inbox has no shortage of sales emails on a given day, with the right touches, yours can still get the respect it deserves. Here are four things to remember as you build or touch up your sales emails in 2018.

No marketing tool is magic but, for you, automated drip marketing might have the potential to come close. The backbone to any marketing strategy with long-term effectiveness consists in connecting what you uniquely offer to the specific needs of your target constituencies. And drip marketing—also called automated marketing and lead nurturing campaigns—allows you to apply effectively a very high level of customization and outreach to emails. And, this precision has been shown to generate a click rate of over two times higher than generalized blast emails. This is because, from the timing to the subject line to the call to action, clients see their particular interests being addressed—even anticipated—by you.
Is your email campaign ready to go to the next level? Most organizations begin by mastering the blast campaign, or the email that sends a one-time message to your clients in a single go. The blast is easy to write, quick to send out, and convenient to integrate into a communications strategy. But time is key to building relationships, and if you feel that your strategy is ready to move from information to relationship building, some of your most important messaging might best be communicated gradually.

This is where the drip campaign comes in. A drip campaign, also called targeted email marketing or a lead nurturing campaign, is a series of carefully tailored emails to clients which build on a message over time. And, there is an art to writing them. Because of the strategic and highly personalized nature of these emails, however, they can take more time than a general email blast. So plan to spend more time crafting your personalized emails.

So, when is a drip campaign advisable, and when will a simple blast do the job?

While it’s only October, we all know how quickly the holiday season can catch up to us. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here and Christmas will be just around the corner. Stay ahead of the holiday crunch this year by beginning your marketing plan today. One great place to start? By designing a simple but effective holiday greeting card.